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About IME - Investment Management Exhibition - Zürich

Place: Messe Zürich, Switzerland, 19 - 21 May 2015

IME is an exhibition for attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). IME is a unique venue where government institutions and private sector organisations will display their projects and products to a carefully selected investor audience.

In this post-crisis period, world economies are all experiencing economic downturns. In an age of globalisation the economic crisis of one region creates chain reactions spreading the crisis to other regions and affecting the global economy. Decision-makers both at national level and in the private sector are focused on finding a solution to rapidly resolve this situation.The organisers offer this international exhibition with specific focused ideas offering pragmatic solutions for the strategic direction of investments, with reasonable levels of risk and with attractive rates of return. IME was created as a result of joint analysis by leading global economists and financial and international development experts.

The strategic goal of IME is the presentation of investment projects and possibilities in:

  • PPP (Public Private Partnership)
  • Commercial Property and
  • Energy and mining

Each Country will present as well:

Market and industry reports, Business and tax law information, Customs and tariff conditions, International project notifications, Calls for tender and business contacts, Practical business information for Investors.

In order to achieve qualitative economic growth, IME - together with you and IME’s global network - will provide practical insight and experience to achieve maximum yield from investments, improve fiscal and employment policies, increase market stability and promote development assistance and green growth.

The world needs co-operation, innovation and leadership to achieve qualitative and equitable economic growth.