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Finnovation Africa: Ethiopia 2017

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Finnovation Africa: Ethiopia 2017 will be held at the Radisson Blu Addis Ababa on the 3rd of November 2017 and will tackle the most pressing questions for the progress of FinTech and the positive and pro?table transformation of banking in Africa, providing a platform for all stakeholders to engage in creating the future of ?nancial services on the continent – from established banking powerhouses to FinTech start?ups. The event will gather all players in the African FinTech ecosystem, including: Government policymakers, leading banks & ?nancial institutions, MNOs, legacy and neo payment players, international & regional investors, and the tech start?up community on the continent who will come together at Finnovation Africa 2017 in Ethiopia with the purpose of driving positive FinTech impacts for Africa.

Finnovation Africa: Ethiopia 2017 will focus on the following major issues: The Digital Transformation of Banking, Mobile Money, Payments Innovation, Open Banking/APIs in Africa, Finclusion & Islamic Finance, Blockchain & Bitcoin: Realities in Africa, and CyberSecurity ? as well as featuring sessions with a highly innovative format such as Inside the Investor’s Mind, Interviews with a Global Finnovator and an African Pioneer, Founder's PainPoints, and The Wolves’ Den pitchfest.

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Finnovation Africa Series: Ethiopia 2017

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