Indicative price list for users of the SmartMoneyMatch web platform 

The use of the platform is currently completely free for all users for the time-being.


For the future the following (indicative) prices apply:

General/Investors: Free (all functionalities)

Suppliers: There is an annual fee of approx. 100 Euros/year  per product. For further product registrations there is an additional fee of 100 Euros/year (within the subaccount for additional products).

For more than 10 products of a supplier there will be an additional fee of 80 Euros/year for an additional product (e.g. if someone has 11 funds he pays 200 + 9*100 + 80 = 1,180 Euros/year).

Products that are share classes of registered products will be 50 Euros/year and additional share class.


Please contact us for more information.

Phone: +41433331038